Our Clients & Partners

“Patrick has worked in campaigns and politics at the highest level but also applies his considerable skills to local issues. He’s a great resources to have here in Colorado.”

Eric Anderson, CEO / Partner SE2

  • Campaigns and PACs
  • Senior Advisor, Donald Trump for President
  • El Paso County Commissioner Stan VanderWerf
  • Colorado State Representative Larry Liston
  • Go America PAC
  • Christian Citizens United
  • Defund Iran
  • Set it Straight
  • Vote Yes for Life
  • Corporations
  • Telephone Town Hall Meeting
  • Neumann Systems Group
  • Candidates Plus
  • Comcast
  • Letter 23
  • Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
  • Non-Profits
  • Neumann Education Foundation
  • Colorado Liberty Alliance
  • Common Sense Issues
  • Americans for Prosperity
  • Candidates
  • Chris Vance
  • Donald Trump
  • Nic Morse
  • Steve Laffey
  • Stan VanderWerf
  • Jeff Crank
  • Larry Liston
  • Bob Schutt
  • Glen Urquhart
  • Michael Kuhn
  • Kyle Hybl
  • Scott Tipton
  • Mike Coffman
  • Don Stenberg
  • Jimmy Lakey
  • Rick O’ Donnell

“…anyone wishing to reach values voters..”

“Patrick is a brilliant strategist who doesn’t live in an ivory tower. Unlike many consultants, Patrick has a wealth of implementation resources he can call upon at a moment’s notice. His ability to evaluate the political landscape and determine appropriate messaging and mobilization tactics is first-class, and his unparalleled knowledge of the evangelical market is indispensable to anyone wishing to reach values voters. I’ve run several initiatives with Patrick’s help and his ability to energize the electorate has always been a major—and sometimes the deciding—in whether we were victorious. I’d recommend anybody doing work in this space to call Patrick first. You won’t be sorry.”

Peter Pasi, Collective

“…focused, knoledgeable and intuitive..”

“Patrick Davis is one of most focused, knowledgeable and intuitive political professionals with whom I have worked. As the Political Director of the NRSC in the 2004 cycle, Patrick was responsible for developing the successful state by state strategy that resulted in strengthening the U.S. Senate Republican majority to its largest margin since 1928. Personally, Patrick is of the highest character. He is fair-minded, trustworthy and extremely loyal to his family, friends and colleagues. A prospective client would be fortunate to have Patrick on his or her team.”

Jay Timmons, President & CEO, National Associaltion of Manufacturers

“…very creative…great business sense..”

“Patrick is a very creative individual who has great business sense and experience. I worked with Patrick as he advised an emerging technology company in Colorado Springs as to how best to come to market. His recommendations to the company were spot on and helped the company avoid major stumbling blocks and achieve desired success. If I were to start up a new company, Patrick would be on my list of consultants to call for advice.”

David White, Fotmer Executive Vice President, Marketing, Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation

“…a solution focused mentality..”

“Mr. Davis is a highly competent consultant with a genuine knack for seeing through the clutter of complex issues and driving to the heart of the matter with a common sense approach and a solution focused mentality. I have personally worked with Patrick Davis on both political and business oriented projects and have been pleased with his capacity to balance collaboration with his drive to accomplish “the mission.”

Nathan Fisk, Fish Real Estate Group